Garry Vopni

Garry Vopni, C.E.T.
Civil Engineering Technologist Diploma St. Lawrence College 1979

Quickly becoming a key member of the team with a focus on constructability, construction activities and quality control, Garry became Manager of the field group, then Associate, followed by Principal of the firm in 2012. Garry has worked internationally on various award-winning projects and has consistently provided strong leadership to all staff through his practical and common-sense approach to structural engineering.

With over thirty years of experience in site related services, Garry has been the Senior Site Representative on projects such as the Canadian War Museum, the Library of Parliament Restoration and the Ottawa Convention Centre (now the Shaw Centre), Garry Vopni has worked on projects in the Caribbean, United Kingdom, United States and across Canada, including the Eastern and Western Arctic.

Garry joined the firm in 1982 and became a principal in 2012.

Jean-Michel Carrière

Jean-Michel Carrière, P.Eng., ing., CAHP
Vice President
B.A.Sc. University of Ottawa 2002 / M.A.Sc. University of Ottawa 2007

Jean-Michel brings a diverse set of skills to the senior leadership of the firm, with a focus on managing and leading the engineering team for various project types, through both the design and construction phases. His experience with several facets of engineering have led to roles such as the Project Team Leader for the 180 Wellington Project as well as the underground parking garage as Lansdowne Park. In addition to new construction including reinforced concrete and structural steel, Jean-Michel has extensive experience with seismic retrofits, renovations, additions, building upgrades, structural reinforcing of existing elements, evaluating distress and construction administration; all complemented by his involvement in the heritage structural field.

Jean-Michel is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario and Québec, and is a Professional Member of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP). Jean-Michel participates and volunteers with various groups such as the PEO, local universities and heritage groups such as the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals and the Association for Preservation Technology International. Jean-Michel joined the firm in 2003 and became a principal in 2017.

Jean-Michel is a recipient of the 2018 Forty under 40 awarded by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and the Ottawa Business Journal.

Michael Allen

C. Michael Allen, P.Eng.
B.Sc. Queen’s University 1964 / M.Sc. University of Illinois 1965

With over five decades at Adjeleian Allen Rubeli, Michael Allen has been responsible for not only prestigious projects like the Toronto SkyDome and the award-winning Canadian War Museum, but also numerous hospitals, schools, offices, residential buildings, sports facilities and industrial projects. His retractable roof concept for the Toronto SkyDome secured the design concept for the project and was later given an award from the Institute of Structural Engineers from London, U.K.

Mike’s other notable awards include the Governor General’s Medal, the Gzowski Medal, the Tsuboi Prize, the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario Medal for Engineering Excellence and an Engineering News Record Citation. He is an honourary Member of the Association of Ontario Architects and, upon graduation from Queen’s University, was awarded the professional Engineers Gold Metal.

Mike presently serves, and has served in the past, on a number of professional committees and has published many professional papers. He also spent a nine year term as adjunct Professor at Carleton University. Mike joined the firm in 1965 and became a principal in 1972.

Jon Turner

Jon Turner, P.Eng.
B.Eng. Concordia University 1995 / M.Eng. Concordia University 1997

With over fifteen years of experience in structural design, including the evaluation and seismic retrofit of existing buildings, Jon Turner has played an active role in placing Adjeleian Allen Rubeli at the forefront of seismic engineering in Canada. Of particular note is Jon’s work on the seismic evaluations, reinforcing and retrofits of the Canadian Diplomatic Compounds and Embassies in Europe and Western Asia.

Jon is currently the Project Team Leader and Senior Structural Engineer on several major projects and oversees the training of intermediate and junior staff. Jon is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Jon joined the firm in 1997 and became a principal in 2015.

Fatima Shakil

Fatima Shakil, P.Eng.
B.Eng. N.E.D. University (Karachi-Pakistan) 1982 / M.S.(Eng.) University of Oregon 1985

With over twenty years of experience in structural design experience both in Canada and overseas, Fatima has been a vital member of the Toronto office. Fatima has been a Senior Engineer on numerous projects and has experience working together with multidisciplinary teams to deliver efficient and economical structural solutions.

Fatima is currently managing the Toronto office and is working with Neil Johnston to promote seamless operations between the two offices. Fatima joined the firm in 1997 and became a principal in 2018.

Neil Johnston

Neil Johnston, P.Eng.
B.Eng. Carleton University 2002

Neil’s extensive design experience and leadership skills has led him to a senior role in the firm, acting as Project Team Lead and Senior Structural Engineer on multiple projects of varying sizes. With a focus on growth, Neil has taken on the role of liaison between the Toronto and Ottawa offices to ensure a seamless connectivity between the two teams.

Neil is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario with over 15 years of structural design experience with materials ranging from reinforced concrete and structural steel to timber, load bearing masonry and cold form steel. Neil joined the firm in 2003 and became a principal in 2017.

Bruce Neil

J. Bruce Neil, P.Eng.
Senior Consultant
B.Sc. Queen’s University 1974

Bruce joined the firm in 1975


Our Associates

Archie Cheung

Archie Cheung, P.Eng.
Civil Engineering Technologist Diploma Dawson College 1980 / B.Eng. McGill University 1984
Archie joined the firm in 1996

Jiong Chen

Jiong Chen, P.Eng.
B.Eng. Tongji University (Shanghai, China) 1992 / M.A.Sc. University of Waterloo 2000
Jiong joined the firm in 2000

Michael D’Costa

Michael D’Costa, P.Eng., ing.
B.A.Sc. University of Ottawa 1998 / M.E.Sc. University of Western Ontario 2000
Michael joined the firm in 2001

Atef Gobrial

Atef Gobrial, P.Eng.
B.Eng.sp.str. Ain-Shams University 1983
Atef joined the firm in 2006

Fadi Daou

Fadi Daou, P.Eng.
B.A.Sc. University of Ottawa 2005 / M.Eng. University of Ottawa 2010
Fadi joined the firm in 2006

Justin Vienneau

Justin Vienneau, P.Eng.
B.A.Sc. University of Ottawa 2009
Justin joined the firm in 2010

Marc Roberge

Marc Roberge, P.Eng.
B.A.Sc. University of Ottawa 2009
Marc joined the firm in 2010

Greg Woltman

Greg Woltman, P.Eng.
B.Sc. Queen’s University 2007, M.A.Sc. Queen’s University 2014
Greg joined the firm in 2011

Greg Del Frari

Greg Del Frari, P.Eng.
B.Eng. University of Saskatchewan 2001 / M.Sc. University of Saskatchewan 2005
Greg joined the firm in 2011