Adjeleian Allen Rubeli Limited is a Structural Engineering consulting firm with offices in Ottawa and Toronto. The firm was founded by John Adjeleian (1923 – 2004) in Ottawa, in 1955, and since its inception has provided a comprehensive range of services in all areas of structural planning, design and investigations. One cannot travel anywhere in Ottawa without seeing the impact of the firm’s contribution to the skyline – there are also many significant buildings to be found scattered throughout the Toronto area.

John Adjeleian was not only brilliant and accomplished as a Consulting Engineer; he was also a well-respected academic, with a long history at Carleton University culminating in his terms as Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. In 2003 the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering established an annual lecture series named after John Adjeleian. A stroll through the campus will reveal a dozen or more well-known buildings designed by Adjeleian Allen Rubeli Limited.