The Iqaluit Aquatic Centre is a premier example of a modern construction in northern Canada.  With two pools, a waterslide, meeting rooms, and fitness facilities, the Aquatic Centre hosted over 26,000 visitors in its first year of operation.  Structural engineering by Adjeleian Allen Rubeli supported the pools and large mechanical systems above the ground on a pile foundation system, in order to protect the delicate permafrost below.  The pools themselves were constructed in crack-controlled concrete to prevent leaks.  A light moment-frame structure above the pool allows an open, airy space.

The entire structure, including the waterslide and equipment, was shipped to the north by sea.  This required that designs and shop drawings be completed well in advance of construction and without omissions or errors, as remedial details would be difficult or impossible to perform without large delays to the schedule.

The result is a structure that would be at home in any city in Canada, but is especially welcome in Canada’s north.